Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Playing Final Fantasy VI

Today, on playing Final Fantasy VI...

Totally not my screenshot, I just cropped it.
I'm torn between Kefka's battle graphic. He's so cute as a sprite but he makes for one colourful and confusing monster that is three times their size. I also found out that his sprite had to be switched for the full graphic because the game could only handle 3 sprites on the screen. Interesting. 

Look at the emotion here. Riveting.
I like how certain scenes go into the horizontal battle view. This perspective gives more depth than the standard view IMO. One thing I do have a problem with regarding this game is that the characters have a difficult job expressing emotions and developing character. Some are standing out more than others, like Locke, Gau, Cyan, and Sabin (to a degree). Terra and Celese are bland and thus far, I couldn't really give you character points for either one.  

Spooky blackness is spooky.
Shadow's dream sequences are neat, and I do recall looking forward to them. Spooky music played and then...

WTF get back here!
...Shadow, the biggest tool ever, left. I paid $3300 for that dream you had, asshole!

I don't know why every RPG playing boy in my high school was obsessed with him. Yeah, he has a cool outfit. Thus far, he's real busy being a douche.

In the future I will steal that Elixir you hid in the clock... don't need it anyway.
Locke's story with Rachel is interesting enough that I want to wake her up. However, a story really can't have everyone losing their memories. This overused plot device is like a serial on-line dater...overused and unwanted.

And here is where I left off, right before the opera house. So, this is the part where everyone catches on fire, right? 

Btw, this is the iOS version of FFVI. I don't own this version, but damn, it looks good! I can't justifying forking over more money for a game I already own, and I am morally opposed to companies milking their fan base. But Kefka does look cute! 

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