Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playing Final Fantasy VI Part 3

You know that feeling when you start a game, knowing that you saved right before story progression? You're like, I get to jump right in to new and exciting story development!

Story progress, DENIED.
Well, fuck you, buddy.

It’s a good thing you have good music here, because I’d burn this place down to the ground otherwise.

I KNOW. I played past this point of the game more than a decade ago. Apparently I'm not identical enough to be let into the opera house, though. At this point, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing.

 Locke is the "spitting image of Maria".
Huh. If you say so. 

The hunt for progress began. I rented a chocobo because I wanted to go fast, but this camera view is a bit annoying. I’m not sure why the creators thought this camera angle was a good idea. If there are mountain passes or caves I'm supposed to go into, I'm not going to see it. I get that it’s cool for a SNES to do this, but to me, previous and later FFs had it right. 

It took me a while, but I found Zozo. And this sketchy asshole, laying face first on the ground in the rain, tells me to trust everyone here. Sketchy as fuck. It’s like those drunk creeps who tell you they’re trustworthy and can walk you home from the bar. Nope, fuck you. 

At first, I was like fine, don’t talk to me. But after speaking to the guy above, I like this guy. At least this asshole isn’t trying to lie to me. 

The image of what appears to be a woman on the ground was surprising to me. You can infer from this man that she had tried to jump between the buildings and failed. What’s all that red between her hair? I hear a lot that final fantasy XII was the first installment to have blood, but I don’t see how you can say the redness in her hair is anything but blood. Am I just looking at this wrong?

Moving on…

This sounds like bullshit to me. Ramuh is trying to get me to free his esper friends. Maybe it’s just the cynic in me. But it would be hilarious if they freed the espers and they just flew away silently without making eye contact with the MCs. 

And he killed himself. Guess he’s totally legit. 

Too bad I don’t give a shit about this flat character.

So, I figure it out, and I go to the theatre.

Now that’s cute. I hate boys (or girls) who are torn between two people, but this little bit is adorable and there’s character development going on, though it feels a bit pulled out of the butt. But I'll take it.

Which her? Because yes.

I still hear people who say that this play is heart wrenching and romantic and their favourite part of the game. I don’t get it. It was fun to remember the lines and do the actions. Sad? No. Romantic? No. I did scratch my head at the notion of the octopus fighting out of water and making splashes on the stage.

Ah why is Edgar blushing!

And here is where I left it. I spent way too much time being lost and wondering around. I love RPGs, but this aspect deters me. However, new RPGs (like FFXIII) are too linear. There’s a fine line, and I haven’t spent too much time in FFVI hopelessly lost, so I will continue on and post again.

One last tidbit that I came across: this is the original design of chocobos by Yoshitaka Amano. This huge pink pterodactyl without wings is slightly terrifying. Like this has the capacity to chase you through the streets trying to peck you from above. So glad we got the cute bundle of yellow feathers!

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