Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mass Effect Trilogy

I picked up the Mass Effect Trilogy a few days ago. I'm not sure why I had been thinking about it so much lately. Years ago I watched someone get (probably all) the achievements, and that's it. I'm not a hard-core sci-fi fan (though I do love Serenity and Battlestar Galactica) and I find shooters to be terribly difficult for me.

But I got it, and I'm glad I did.

I should crop this picture, but I'm lazy, so I won't.
It's like everything else in my life: I am grateful, but so many people want a piece of my time pie.

Vaporeon approves.
My only problem is that the set has no instruction manuals. I know that is par for the course of new games, but you know what sucks about unreliable internet connections? Anyone can finish my thought here. But I can't remember how to throw grenades, and I'm not too keen on pausing the game to type my question into my phone, which may or may not want to establish a connection to my wifi.

I managed to make a pretty fem Shepard. Most of the time she looks worried and fragile. I'm being a good pushover at the moment, and I will do a run where I am a psychopathic bi-atch.

I was speaking to Garrus, and I read the dialogue and I tend to make the speech jump to the next part (because ain't nobody got time for that), and I think he hates me now. He won't talk to me on the ship anymore. But that's ok, because I got...

Picture from Wikia
I like the Quarian story, and it is similar to the story of Battlestar Galactica. Tali is intelligent, optimistic, and generally kind.

I also got...

Picture from Wikia.
Wrex! He's so violent. He gets the job done. But he's also concerned about the genophage. Good guy, right here.

I've read that on this play through I should focus on Liara, but I already like my team. Not sure if I have to have them on my team to complete their quests. Like I said, there's so very little time to play anything anymore, researching how to get all the achievements is an investment (and full of spoilers, argh!).

I've also read that Mass Effect 4 is in the works. I'm so far behind I know that by the time I can play it, I can get it for cheap.

And that's it. No more time pie for you. 

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