Sunday, July 6, 2014

Final Fantasy VI

I know I haven't been posting here since last November. There just isn't a lot of time anymore, especially for video games.

I managed to start playing Final Fantasy VI yesterday, though. About 11 years ago, I tried to play it. I got about half way and lost interest. It's going better this time, but with all the characters, I am having a difficult time becoming attached to anyone in the large cast. Kefka was always interesting to me, so I'm glad I'm revisiting the title.

Other notes include:

What is that?! It's green, looks kinda like a duck, and it has something on its head. BUT WHAT IS IT?

I would live here, with the Moogles. Screw everyone else and their politics and wars. I'm still puzzled as to why the Moogles decided to help Locke and Terra. They were just doing their Moogle business down here and...heard the commotion and decided to investigate, and they decided to help...because...Moogle?

This is where I left off, just before the battle at Narshe. Banon is like, are you ready? I'm like, What am I doing switching characters I have no idea...!

On another note, I re-watched NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind today. I think I bought that film about three years after I tried to play FFVI, and I probably never watched the whole thing again. I was packing up my belongings (because what else do I do?) and watched it at the same time. I appreciated it much more this time around. The environmentalist themes used to be preachy to me, and the whole "giant warrior" stuff made me roll my eyes.

I didn't know that NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind inspired Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and it influenced Chocobos. I thought about it, as a teen and now, that the horseclaws do look like Chocobos, but I never thought that it really did inspire him.

I totally didn't make this GIF, btw. I packed my DVD before I figured I'd write about horseclaws.

This movie is pretty awesome, btw. If you like fantasy stories, especially one that has inspired Final Fantasy on many levels, you should check it out.

And...anyone want to address the sucky state of RPGs? Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns? No. Just no. Who thought these stories through and thought they were good ideas? I'm looking forward to FFXV, though the Fabula Nova Crystallis story doesn't interest me much. I hope FFXV can breathe life into RPG stories again.

In a nutshell, other recent RPGs have the same clone characteristics. Variants of the same story, the same tropes, the same cliches, the same predictable plot twists. Can we get something that doesn't suck, pretty please? Or, anyone who reads this, comment or email me with some new (or newish) RPG titles for me to check out. Which console doesn't matter, though I'd rather stay away from PC only titles.

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