Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Playing Final Fantasy VI Part 6

I've been trying to get this post up since last weekend, but my internet has been moody with the weather.

Alright, Celes is back.
And she brought the jerk who I paid 3,000 gil to help me kill one random battle. Hey, jerk face.

Locke: Sorry I was dick and I doubted your allegiance. So…wanna go back to the inn and…ok.

Stay away from the summoner- never mind.
I hope I get to fight this engine room. Apparently it’s so dangerous, it’s all these guys can talk about.


Back to Thamasa.

Aw cuteness!

I am confused about how far I got in the game years ago, though. I know the story up to a point. But I don’t remember this part at all.     

"Mama, use Cure on me!" This picture isn’t mine (I found the original here). I didn’t get a screenshot of it. If my hellspawn ever decides to get here, this is going to be their vocabulary to confuse people.

Also not mine (found the original here), as I couldn’t get the fire at the right moment.
Just another pyro kid. We had tons of these in my town when I was growing up. No magic involved in either case.

He’s going to help the little girl that’s on fire, jackass.

I do remember this part, btw. My patchy memories of this game is making me worry.

Screw off, Shadow, Interceptor had this fire under control.
And he uses a smoke bomb to get them out of a burning building, figure that out.

And he’s leaving. Again.  

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