Monday, July 21, 2014

Playing Final Fantasy VI Part 5

I was in the town of Thamasa. The town of assholes.

Then I got to the Imperial Observation Post.

Well, fuck. I assumed all those years of “the floor is lava!” would have prepared me for this.

Then I had a fight with Kefka. I was mildly pleased to see him.

Still really loving the battle scene cut scenes.  

And then I found Maranda, and in there I found…dog fighting? There are soldiers and townspeople gathered around the two dogs that go back and forth in the ring. If it were just the Imperial soldiers, I’d be like, Yup, Imperial scum doing scummy things. But having civvies, including a kid, involved in dog fighting makes me hate Maranda.

Yeah, right, pyro. But I’m not going to judge.

Terra, give the man some peace!

Speaking of poo…
Terra barged into the bathroom to speak to soldiers, found this one on the toilet, and proceeded to have a fight with him.

And then this happened. Great use of my last 11 seconds. I wish the soldier after was like, did you just pee in front of me? WTH game. 

Ah no not Kefka! Here come the choices of RPGs. Seriously though, you wouldn’t pardon someone after they had poisoned Doma. I didn’t think the Emperor would want me to tell him to execute him, so I said to leave him in jail.

In the end, I got the second best level of rewards. I didn’t know I was being scored, and the only thing I did wrong was opening all the chests. This game hasn’t had any repercussions for opening chests so far, so I didn’t think about it.  

I was also told to go back to the Blackjack to see a special scene with Setzer. I enjoyed getting more depth from him, and he reminds me of Cid from VII and Vaan from XII.

And here, I took a break. I’m actually starting to enjoy this game much more. The Empire has seemingly backed down, and the espers have become enraged and may destroy the world. 

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