Saturday, October 26, 2013

Twin Peaks

Now that I'm done watching the second season of Revenge, I had to move on. I was watching Twin Peaks along with Revenge, but TP has more episodes and I was having problems watching some of the episodes, so Revenge was finished first. I'm in the second season of TP, trying to find time to watch episode 12.

I was drawn to TP because of Deadly Premonition, one of my favourite games ever, was heavily inspired by this show. Also, musician Amanda Palmer has an album called "Who Killed Amanda Palmer", referencing TP.

Twin Peaks was made in 1990, and it focuses on the violent death of one local girl named Laura Palmer. Enter Agent Cooper, sent to solve the case. He's an odd man who takes advice from dreams, relies on the "Tibetan method", speaks to a recorder and addresses a woman named Diane, and he gets the job done. And he's totally hot and freakn' awesome.

If you don't find him dangerously hot
then I can't be your friend. Seriously, get
out of my house.
Agent Cooper
I feel like Cooper a lot. My brain has a strange way of processing things. I am drawn to the absurd and damnit, if my dreams are going to be that cryptic and weird, I'm going to let them lead a murder investigation too.

Best secretary, ever. I want to work in a
Sheriff's office now. 
I thought I'd hate her at first. I really did. Then she grew on me. Her soft, yet almost squeaky voice is adorable. Listening to her and Andy talk about "sperms" is also the most hilarious interactions I have ever heard. She does her job, noticeably slowly and carefully transferring calls. What I admire and can relate to is how hard she tries. Most of the time I'm in a shadow of self-doubt. Lucy just does her best, and she does do her job. They get a temp at one point who isn't perfect, and it is evident that Lucy manages the office effectively.  
I used this picture in a professional presentation about
taking negativity constructively.
(BTW, she's reading up on Tibet here.)
 She also does the things I wish I could do. How many times have you wanted to just sit there and stick your tongue out at the snarly FBI agent because he's making fun of your hair? I run into this ALL THE TIME.


Damnit, why do they both have to
be so good looking.
The girl here is Audrey. I immediately loved her. But then I was like, Stop flirting with my man, hoe. It's ok though, because as the story progresses, she shows herself to be a kind person who goes out of her way for others. She admits that she didn't really know Laura, but she feels like her. Like no one understands what they are on the inside. She puts herself in terrible danger to help solve Laura's murder. Oh, and she's drop dead gorgeous. Good thing these high school kids aren't played by actors who are the characters' ages. Audrey is supposed to be 18, her actress, Sherilyn Fenn, was 25 at the time. (Mild Spoiler!) She is kept for days drugged up, and she just sleeps it off. No withdrawal, no hospitalization, nothing. She sleeps it off like a champ.

The Log Lady (Margaret Lanterman)

Shut up and listen to the log. It's smarter than you.
Sometimes I feel like the log lady. I have useful information to convey, but no one listens. She is regarded as the town crazy, and hell, I can relate, and I don't even talk to a log.  

Can't solve murders without donuts, duh.
I love this picture, so I'm going to use it. Donuts solve everything. In fact, expect me to use this picture a lot in life. If I can get this one into a professional presentation too, I will.

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