Saturday, September 21, 2013

Persona 3 Portable

For the last little while I have been playing P3P at night before bed if I don't feel like reading. Going at it a little at a time, maxing out social links and killing shadows. I'm playing as the female named Ester York (obviously) and today I got a lover! For those who know me, you'll be surprised by whole I finally picked:

One might be asking why. I played Persona FES and I honestly didn't care for him. I liked him more than Ken, but I detest that kid so much it's hard to hate someone more than him. If you play the female protagonist, he's your Moon Social Link, so you'll get to know him more. Despite his standoffish and brutish appearance, he's pretty nice. He's caring and charming too. You'll get his watch that he lost and after that, you get hot and heavy in his room. Doing this will change a big moment in the game, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. 

I was going to be lovers with Akihiko, but since I am doing a blind run, he stopped hanging around the protagonist, and game said that Akihiko himself needs to mature. In RL I can't deal with emotional immaturity protagonist went after his best friend from childhood?

Yeah...but Shinjiro, RAWR.   

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