Thursday, November 8, 2012

Video Game Girlfriend

This video is from swoozie06, who has lots of awesome videos and you should check him out!

The best part of this video is when she says "-Disarm the Metal Gear."

I'm not even going to confirm that I am, or am not, a girl. You probably couldn't handle the truth anyway. We are better in bed though. Obviously.

You know what sucks though? When you're a gamer girl and your boyfriend only plays sports games. Not only do I not have any interest in sports games, but I suck at them. I can look at him and be like, lets get Chinese food and Pringles, and play the Xbox until tomorrow morning, and we'll sleep in and play when we eventually get up. I can't play NHL or NFL or N-what-the-fuck-ever-L-or-A for all that time. Hey, let's play Halo. No. FEAR? No. COD? No. Metal Gear Solid? Deadly Premonition? Silent Hill? Deus Ex? The SNES or NES? I only have a bazillion games in my apartment. No. Frakk me.

Also, if a girl plays one or two video games only, she's not a gamer. No matter what you tell yourself, she's not. If she only plays games with you, she's not. You can dress her up to be one to show her off to your friends and family, but she's not. If you find a girl who has the same interests, who won't belittle you for playing games in your pjs for three days, eating nothing but chips and not leaving the house, she's a keeper. I hate meeting my male friends' new girlfriends and they say proudly, "She's a gamer." And since they want me to like her, I get some alone time with her and I start asking her what she likes to play. "Oh you know the one, where you shoot people. And you get grenades. And you can duck behind walls and stuff." Uh huh. What else? "I like the one where you can fight people. And the driving game! But my bf always wins heehee!" I want to throw them out a window. So then I hate the girlfriend. So, don't lie to yourself. I had a point in writing this and I've since forgotten. Now I want Chinese food and Pringles.  

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