Sunday, September 16, 2012

Persona 4 Arena!

I know that I've been a very bad blogger lately. Every time I sit down to write a review, I get a text from someone who wants to hang out. Considering how I had been completely alone in the sticks for about 6 months, I like all the attention I can get.

This week, my friend gave me the flu. He only had a slightly sore throat, he said. And only in the morning. I haven't been actually ill for about 3 or 4 years so I got hit with a full body aches and pain, shivering and fever, flu.

With my forced containment, I cracked these babies out:
I caved and bought Persona 4 Arena new. I had to buy myself my own copy of Persona 4. I got it for a good price and $1.99 shipping. Can't complain...and I HAD to buy it so shut up.

Persona 4 Arena!

I've been playing for two days. I don't have a full review in mind for this one. I'm not done, but more than half way done story mode. There is a bit of a spoiler section at the bottom that I marked. Beware if you haven't finished the game yet! Also, did I not buy a second controller?! People come over to my apartment,  I finally have a game for us to play, and where the hell is my second controller?! I rarely lose things. Now I have to play this by my lonesome *forever alone*  

Story Mode

Too much boring dialogue. Hey, I like reading. I like it so much, I fucking advocate it daily. In fact, I think I'll marry it, I love it so bloody much. But story mode is so repetitive. My problem also is that if you've played Persona 4 this is just ridiculous. It also goes into Persona 3's story as well. And I just finished playing that game, again. I don't need a recap, stop it! I've feel like I've played it so much I was there myself watching from the sidelines.

Pro Tip
I read way faster than the dialogue goes, even on the fast text speed. I learned the hard way that you DO NOT want to keep pushing the A or X buttons without being sure that there is another line of text already started on the screen. I did this blindly with Chie, and I accidentally chose the option to make her jump out a window chasing Akihiko because she smelt steak. Serious. I got her gag ending. Which was cute, but I didn't even know there were gag endings. I saved past where I could have gone back and gotten her real ending. This game still pretends that it's an RPG, and you can occasionally choose certain responses. Don't blindly click away.

Voice Changes 
The only voice change that really stands out to me is Chie. Dear lord I hate her new voice. It's not that the voice is bad, it is just isn't terribly close and at times it just sounds so bad. I really wish they had her voice. Miss President's accent is AMAZING. However, I got sick of it super fast. Luckily the harshness of her voice goes away as you go through everyone's story mode. Makes me think that Yu's story was the first they recorded and she was getting used to the role.

Ending (SPOILERS!!)
Seriously? This is what the Arena is?

Can we please get away from the whole "robots with a heart" thing? Please? Please think of different things for future Persona games.   

I don't like what the truth turns out to be. It's just dumb.

I'd really like to see more of "The Shadow Operatives"-the Persona 3 team after the events of their story. Akihiko is pretty badass in college. It also makes me less of a creep when people ask who is my favourite Persona 3 guy.  

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