Sunday, May 27, 2012

Books From A Hospital

On Friday (May 25th), my little brother had some tumours removed from behind his ear. And somehow we were there about two hours early. I finished up Let The Right One In and then we were walking around the hospital and I went into the gift shop to burn some time. Why I bother to go in is beyond me- I always end up spending money I don't have.
Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things, Beverly Lewis' The Shunning, and Nate Kenyon's The Reach.
The Shunning is an Amish drama. It isn't something that I would usually pick up, but I decided to give it a try. I can probably plough through it quickly. The Reach was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award so I expect great things, despite the horrific cover, though from the back blurb it sounds an awful lot like Alma's story from F.E.A.R (of course, that story isn't terribly new either). And you can never go wrong with Neil Gaiman, though this copy was the only copy and it is in bad shape. I forgot to take off the price stickers, but as you can see, these were all pretty cheap. I feel guilty though; authors don't get much money for the sale of these books, usually. Hospitals need better books though-or better yet, libraries in their hospials, especially for extended stay patients. Like you know, in that one episode of My Little Pony...err, nevermind.  

Today I'm finishing up the Battle Royale review. The last few days have just been insanely busy with good and bad things. Stupid life. Gets in the way of my doing things!  

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