Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Revenge, The Television Show I Can't Miss!

CityTv, Airing 2011.

Emily/Amanda Works Her Magic
I do not get the opportunity to watch much television just because of my schedule. One week I might forget, or I am too busy, and once I miss an episode, I hate watching the next episode, trying to piece together what I have missed. But for Revenge (aired on Wednesdays on CityTv), I make certain that I can watch it. I have a soft spot for stories about revenge and abused children, especially those who are locked away by insidious people.

Revenge is about one woman, Amanda Clarke, enacting her revenge on the Hamptons social elite who were responsible for ruining her father’s life, which in turn ruined her life. David Clarke was wrongfully convicted of terrorism and died in prison. At the age of 18 Amanda inherited her father’s fortune, changed her name to Emily Thorne, and decided to take revenge on those who knowingly contributed to the destruction of her life. The series is an adaption of The Count of Monte Cristo.    

“Nothing’s random, Noland.”
The trailers gave me the impression that she was physically harming them. Secretly inside I wished she was a serial killer, but no, she is not. She gets revenge by ruining people. You might think that this would get stale fast, but depending on the person, ruin takes on different forms and witnessing the downfall of such cruel people is quite satisfying. She is also pretty manipulative, which makes me question her current relationship, and it makes me want to see more!

I highly recommend watching it. Thus far there is no gore or swearing (at least as far as I can recall for the swearing), but it is not overly girly either. The show is thick with plot and there are no wasted moments. After watching an episode I am amazed at the idea that someone could plan her revenge for so long. It makes me feel lazy, though.
And this is the awesome music that plays in Episode 4: Riverside - Obél

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